Skyring Architects Fee Proposal

When you engage us to design and manage your building project, we’ll capture all costs involved upfront so you have a clear idea of your investment before you sign anything.

Rather than charging you a percentage design fee, we aim to make the design process as transparent as possible and will provide:

  • A breakdown of fees (itemising all drawings, written documents and services to be provided)
  • Indicative construction costs (based on your project brief)
  • Indicative fees for other consultants

Upfront, transparent, flexible

Our detailed, itemized proposal clearly identifying each component of your project allows you to extend or reduce your brief to align with your budget.

Furthermore, our fees to prepare our drawings ready for construction are fixed (unless you change the brief), even if the construction costs increase. We base our fees on the time we spend on the project, and we track our time clearly in our invoices.

Residential and commercial Architecture Fees

Full service architectural fees work out around 10 – 14% of the overall construction cost. The final fee depends on the building type and size, the complexity of the design and the level of detail drawing required.

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